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AM Biotechnologies develops DNA-based affinity agents called thioaptamers using unique chemistries and a proprietary bead-based selection process. Antibodies are currently the most widely-used affinity agents but they are produced in animals; are easily degraded; are expensive to produce; and suffer from batch-to-batch variability. In contrast, thioaptamers are chemically synthesized; they are stable in ambient environments with very long shelf life; and are rapidly produced in large quantities with easy quality control. We solve the problems associated with antibodies while delivering the same functionality. Thioaptamers can be substituted for antibodies in virtually any application. We can develop thioaptamer affinity agents for your targets using our bead-based development service.

AM also offers DNA thiophosphoramidite reagents via a strategic partnership with Glen Research Corporation and the RNA thiophosphoramidites are near market introduction. These unique reagents are used to synthesize thioaptamers and are also highly useful for providing in vivo stability and increased potency in RNAi applications.

The company was founded in 2006 and is primarily owned by two corporations. It has been awarded numerous SBIR grants and has also benefited from over $10M of prior university research into its technologies. Importantly, all of our technologies have freedom to operate.



AM Biotechnologies LLC is awarded a $150,000 NASA Phase III contract to develop Thioaptamer assays for protein biomarkers
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AM Biotechnologies LLC has been awarded $150,000 to continue development of their Thioaptamer Diagnostic System » read more

AM Biotechnologies LLC is awarded a $180,000 NIH Phase 1 SBIR to develop and test the 2'-F Thiophosphoramidites
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